The Importance of CRM in customer relationship management


Once this personal and emotional bond is built, it is very easy for any company to identify the customer’s real needs and serve them better. By looking at some insights given below, we can easily determine the importance of CRM for an organization.

The importance of CRM in the business environment

Regarding the  importance of CRM  in a company, there is something fundamental: it is very profitable . The advantages of a CRM system can be understood by observing the impact on three work areas:

  • Potential customers
  • Portfolio clients
  • Products and services

CRM systems provide   an image and historical analysis of all customers acquired or to be acquired. This helps focus prospect searches, match portfolio customers, effectively forecast future user needs, and increase ARPU .

1. Helps identify Potential Clients


A CRM system is not only used to deal with users of our products or services, it is also useful to attract so-called potential customers. The process begins with identifying a target and recording the corresponding details in the CRM system. From that moment on, the salespeople go into action, executing actions and monitoring them with the aim of attracting the potential customer . All this is done very simply and efficiently through an integrated CRM system.

2. Increase portfolio client referrals

Another key to the importance of CRM is related to the opportunities for cross-selling and increased income that are generated. With more information you can also keep customers satisfied with the service. It is common for a satisfied customer to become a prescribing customer, your best ambassador.

3. Improvement of products and services

An often overlooked benefit of  CRM software  is that it collects information from a wide variety of sources across your business. This gives you unprecedented insight into how customers feel and what they think about your product or service. With all this data you can improve what you offer, detect problems in time and identify weak points in the business.

The importance of CRM in the analysis and definition of objectives

We are going to analyze the importance of CRM in the company by studying its implication in the previous analysis and the definition of objectives. When developing a CRM strategy, it is essential to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the internal and external factors that may affect the growth and development of the project.


Analysis is the pillar that must support the development of the company’s strategic objectives, emphasizing three fundamental aspects :

  • Market analysis . What are the customers demanding? What are the distribution channels through which users acquire a product? What is the market volume of the products that are distributed and what is their growth trend?
  • Competitor analysis . Through CRM software, benchmarking campaigns can be generated , collecting and analyzing data from competitors to adjust action plans to the needs of potential customers.
  • Creation of the buyer persona or typical client . The CRM system, through the collection and analysis of data, provides the appropriate tools to carry out a complete segmentation of the customers to whom the marketing campaigns will be directed.

The importance of CRM in the marketing phase and development of action plans encompasses three essential aspects, which we will analyze below:

Importance of CRM in Marketing

Any company that wants to obtain business opportunities must increase its digital presence. The CRM includes the necessary tools to guarantee the visibility of the company on the network through applications such as:

  • Tools for creating and distributing email marketing campaigns
  • Tools for managing and monitoring advertising campaigns on social networks and internet search engines.
  • Customer segmentation to offer them personalized offers and services adapted to their needs.

Importance of CRM in customer service

Customers in the digital age do not only need after-sales service, users demand continuous and fluid communication with the company .

The customer module of a CRM incorporates tools to achieve this satisfaction, which will result in loyalty and increased brand reputation in the sector.

  • Creation of agile and accessible contact forms.
  • Creation of chatbots that offer automatic responses and collect contact information to quickly respond to user requests.
  • Generation of reports related to customer interactions with the company to obtain continuous improvement in the quality of processes.

Importance of Control and Monitoring actions in the CRM

The CRM allows real-time access to all reports related to the actions carried out at the operational level. For example, through the sales module you can analyze all transactions, their evolution and growth in relation to the actions carried out.


The  importance of CRM  lies in being a decisive factor that helps improve the situation of any company. Challenging new forms of marketing and business in an efficient way is a challenge that can only be faced by having customer relationship management as the basis for growth.


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