CRM examples: success stories of companies that implemented it


These success stories, through examples of CRM implemented in companies, allow potential buyers to see how some of the most important brands in the world use CRM effectively and creatively. CRM is an investment. It can be difficult to see how it will benefit your company without real-life case studies.

Apple, CRM success stories

By creating identical stores, all dedicated exclusively to their products, and providing a space where those who enjoy Apple products can gather and play, they encourage current and new customers to become part of a community.

The permanent «hype» and the news they generate in the media keep bloggers and social network users busy, reducing the work of the marketing department.

Apple ID, the authentic CRM


Users create an Apple ID that syncs with other devices, remembers selections, makes recommendations based on what is played/viewed and how often.

The ID database provides Apple with an updated and constantly evolving data set of all its customers and their preferences. This way they can carry out effective marketing without investing much effort.

This is one of the case studies with CRM examples where the importance of a solution of these characteristics and the benefits it generates are seen more clearly.

KFC – CRM case studies

KFC signed an agreement with the company «The Cloud» to implement free Wi-Fi in 548 of its stores in the United Kingdom with the aim of attracting more customers. The page to access Wi-Fi at its premises requires users to register, and this information is stored and used to send special offers and promotions to users.


In addition to data logging, they introduced a loyalty app to make greater use of their CRM system.

KFC Colonel’s Club :

Customers download the app and register their data.

Through the APP they access special promotions and accumulate points with each order.

The app tracks the customer’s location and helps them locate the nearest store. It also offers offers and promotions based on location.

As the app tracks its customers’ purchasing habits, KFC can launch personalized marketing campaigns.

You will probably think that these case studies with CRM examples may conflict with user privacy, but it is the same client who accesses the services who accepts the privacy conditions.

British Airways (And by extension Iberia) – CRM Examples

The aviation industry faces many challenges and external factors, such as competition, carbon emissions regulation, and fluctuating fuel prices. Many of these variables are strong enough to impact the passenger experience.

However, for airlines, quality of service is the main brand differentiator, especially for an airline like British Airways that carries more than 100 million passengers each year . Customer service is at the heart of your business operations and using effective CRM solutions is essential to ensure you deliver the experiences your customers expect.

Among the case studies, we have their Teradata CRM solution, which has allowed them to automate a series of ongoing campaigns and communications with customers.

BA and IBERIA’s CRM is the engine of their loyalty program, the British Airways Executive Club:

Free for everyone to join and without any type of fee.

Contains all the benefits of standard registration. User details are saved to facilitate booking future flights.

Users earn Avios points when traveling with Iberia, British Airways or Vueling; also when making purchases with the cards of these companies or hiring the services of other companies associated with the program. These Avios can be used to redeem flights, request an upgrade, book hotels and pay for car rentals.

Allows members to save their seating and meal preferences.

Points earned offer members the ability to progress from the lowest “blue” tier to “silver,” “gold,” and “premier” tiers.

Using Teradata, BA records and analyzes all interactions with its thousands of customers, forming part of the success stories when applying CRM in a company.

McDonald’s – CRM success stories

As a global brand with massive marketing campaigns, it was important for McDonald’s to begin segmenting that marketing and ensuring it was getting the most out of every potential customer and every returning customer.

To do this, McDonald’s launched a specific application for each region in which it operates;

The mobile app is downloaded by consumers on any Smartphone.

It provides data on how often they visit a restaurant and what their purchasing patterns are.

What stands out in these case studies with CRM examples is that the CRM system used by McDonald’s links the vouchers delivered through the application with the restaurant’s POS.

Coca Cola – CRM case studies

CRM is essential for a company with a reach as broad and global as Coca Cola. Coca Cola Enterprises uses multiple CRM systems , such as Salesforce and Sugar, to manage sales, marketing and customers in the different regions in which it operates.

Unilever – CRM Examples

Unilever is a market leader and as such they are expected to deliver the best possible customer experience. Using SAP CRM, Unilever has managed to be one of the success stories by improving both the effectiveness and productivity of its customer service center .

The CRM is used to monitor interactions with customers in all territories where Unilever is located.

»Allows faster response time to questions and needs raised by consumers, provides effective maintenance of the customer database, and facilitates access to customer information for analysis and strategy development» – Efren Samonte (Business Director, Unilever Philippines).

Zara – CRM case studies

They also record comments and opinions from clients that they send to the design department and which often serve as a basis for the creation of new styles.

For Zara’s sales teams, CRM means dynamic access to large databases. They use it to obtain information about each store’s inventory, sales, and warehouse inventory. This dramatically reduces decision-making time and keeps users informed of item availability, improving the overall customer experience.

BMW – CRM success stories

BMW wanted to use its CRM to analyze existing customer data, as well as to try to capture potential customers.

The car company partnered with Legacy Lifestyle to create a luxury loyalty program, called Owner’s Circle:

The Owner’s Circle allows BMW Owners to keep track of car financing and maintenance. In the process, it strengthens the relationship between the owner and the vehicle manufacturer.

The BMW CRM also provides an owner-to-owner chat service.

Partnering with Legacy Lifestyle means that points earned can be spent on many other items.

Amazon – CRM Examples

Amazon is a great example of how a CRM can be used as part of a business model. Your CRM is imperative to increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Using a CRM provided by Oracle, Amazon:

Send emails to customers with recommended purchases.

Present users with specific web pages that promote items that may be of interest to them.

Allows users to make purchases without having to re-enter payment details.

Offer promotions and incentives.

Manage a loyalty program.

Contacts clients to resolve any incident.

A CRM is not only for large companies, even SMEs and freelancers can and should benefit from a CRM system. Each of the companies in this article uses the CRM system that best benefits their specific needs. It is always better to compare until you find the one that best suits your budget and needs.


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