«The 5 Best Free Real Estate CRMs on the Market

| In this Sector, CRMs help you to work with your head and not with your feet. 


Why pay $30 a month for a CRM, when you have great free real estate CRMs on the market? With this article I try to respond to real estate agents who wish to ask me about this topic; about which I receive about 3-4 requests for information every week.

A real estate CRM is different from real estate management software . The property manager is responsible for managing the stock and all the properties that a real estate agency has for sale or rent, while the real estate CRM system is responsible for managing all the company’s contacts, clients and marketing.


A free real estate CRM is an essential tool for any agent who wants to go beyond a few transactions a year. Good CRMs help make the most of contacts by organizing them in one place, giving you the tools to set up a communication plan with each of them and ultimately close more deals from them.

Most CRMs for real estate professionals are paid, but when the budget is tight, knowing what free options are available is helpful. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best free CRMs for real estate and evaluated them based on their ease of use, communication tools, automation options, contact management features, analytics, customer support, and upgrade options.


Here are our picks for the best free real estate CRMs

1.- Insightly – For real estate agents looking for a CRM with complete analytics.

2.- Hubspot – for agents who want a personalized CRM

3.- Zoho – for real estate agents looking for a CRM focused on transactions.

4.- Agile – for real estate agents looking for data.

5.- Bitrix24 – For real estate teams.

 6.-  Efficy – ​​A CRM that adapts perfectly to your real estate business.

           7.-  Inmogesco .- A CRM that although it is not free, we recommend you.

Let’s analyze each CRM in detail.

| The Best Free Real Estate CRM if You’re Looking for Comprehensive Analytics: Insightly.

Insightly is a CRM that packs a ton of great features into its free product, many of which help real estate agents organize contacts and leads, as well as set up email campaigns and an outreach program.

Free for single users or teams of two, the Insightly system is contact-based, but very task-oriented . In other words, Insightly really shines when you use it to create to-do lists, (called projects), for each of your contacts, then start checking off those tasks.

While customization opportunities within the free platform are limited, Insightly offers many benefits for agents. The free version of Insightly contact fields and templates limits the number of contacts you can store in the system to 2,500.

“Insightly offers some surprisingly good analytics with its free plan. Email analytics provide great data on open rates, hours, locations, and even operating systems for your recipients.”

This data can be used to help personalize your messages in the future, thereby increasing your conversion rates and improving your performance.

While you don’t have many options for customizing your dashboard, this Real Estate CRM Software offers plenty of useful, measurable data like contact reports, team reports, and even overall opportunity reports, making up for the lack of customization.

When you’re ready to upgrade to the paid version , Insightly offers some very affordable options. The Plus plan gives you great features like unlimited users, a handy Mailchimp integration, lots of field customization, and a ton of email templates, all for $29 per month (per user).

In short, Insightly’s free CRM platform, for an independent real estate agent or small agency. Because Insightly is so dense with options, it can take a little while to get up to speed on all of this, but once you do, this is a free real estate CRM that increases accountability and data-driven decision making.

| Best Free Real Estate CRM for Personalization: Hubspot.

Hubspot is another CRM with a great free option. Hubspot’s approach is really good with their contact options. Hubspot integrates with your email provider, allowing real estate agents to send emails directly from a contact’s profile. You can schedule these emails, use Hubspot’s real -time email analytics to track when your contacts open your messages, and what they’re doing with them after opening them.

With a paid upgrade, you can also make calls right from your dashboard, take notes on all your interactions, and even invite your contacts to schedule appointments with you using its Google Calendar integration.

Overall, this is a great platform for agents who want a personalized communication experience with each of their contacts. For me it is the best free CRM tool for the real estate sector.

«Unlike other free CRMs, Hubspot’s free platform allows you to customize almost every field, template, and everything else.»

One personalization highlight is the 80 different fields you can choose from for a contact’s personal profile. For example, you can choose to show the last time a contact was emailed, what their click-through rate is, even your website activity if they click on one of your Facebook posts on your site.

When you have a large database of contacts, finding the right lead for a new listing can be the difference between a mediocre month and a record one.

Where Hubspot falls short: Email automation. Hubspot doesn’t offer much in the way of automation other than scheduling one-time emails.

Email campaigns are powerful tools in the real estate business, so programming email communication step by step can be time consuming. This feature is available in upgraded marketing packages, starting at $50 per month.

| The Best Free CRM for Transaction-Focused Real Estate Agents: Zoho.

At first I thought that this CRM was not suitable for a real estate agent or agency, but I changed my mind when I started thinking of Zoho as a transaction management tool , a feature that most CRMs have in some capacity, but not really. the sophisticated way it is approached with Zoho.

Most, if not all, of Zoho’s form and function is designed to move transactions from one stage to the next , removing the emotional nuances and communication that are part of so many realtor-client relationships.

For example, on the Zoho platform, one of the goals is to move your “leads” to your “contacts”, and then move your “contacts” to your “deals”.

Although I believe that this CRM can be used without problem by a real estate agent or agency for the sale of any type of property, this system is the most suitable for real estate agents who work with developers or promoters in the sale of new promotions.

“Like a Facebook feed, Zoho offers a continuous scroll of all the most relevant details of every deal your team is negotiating. Users can log into Zoho, see what is happening for each team member.”

There’s also a blank input box that allows users to create their own «posts» in the feed, perfect for spreading the word about unrelated projects. This is a smart approach to keeping everyone in the loop, in part because it employs an interface most of us are already very familiar with.

Plus, you can customize feeds for individual team members , even create multiple feeds so conversations between managers stay in one place and conversations between the team as a whole stay in another.

This free real estate CRM tool offers plenty of upgrade options , starting at just $12 per month for the Standard Plan.

However, the advanced email automation, analytics, and social media integrations don’t kick in until you hit the Professional Plan, which is $20 per month. A commercial real estate CRM will typically set you back more than $50 per month, so Zoho Enhanced is definitely worth considering for serious commercial agents.

| The Best CRM for Experienced Agents: Agile CRM.

The free version of Agile CRM is highly adaptable to the real estate industry, thanks to customizable dashboards and interfaces with your own labels.

The dashboard and interface are sleek and modern, clearly designed with non-IT experts in mind. Agile CRM calls its interface «consumer grade,» which translates to «everything here is intuitive and easy to use on day one.»

It has the features you’d expect: email integration and tracking , contact management, and a robust reporting and analytics section.

This free real estate CRM is driven by data and results, and allows users to easily adjust course based on those results.

“Best Agile CRM Feature for Real Estate Agents: Social Media Integrations.”

By far the coolest feature of Agile CRM is its social media integrations. Using dashboard plugins that call widgets, Agile CRM users have the option to embed their contacts’ social media stream from Facebook or Twitter into their contact profile, and even have the option to engage with their posts there .

In the free version, you can choose a single social widget to add to contact profiles, but in the paid version you can add many, including advanced email analytics, text messages, calling features, the list goes on and on.

There are three free plan upgrade options. The first is the Starter plan for

$8.99 per month. This unlocks some of the automation options that would be useful to real estate agents, gives you more access to the widget library and allows you to use more than one at a time, as well as opens lead capture and popup widgets that you can put on your website to capture leads and build your contact list.

| Best free real estate CRM for teams: Bitrix24.

If you have a real estate agency with many sales people, Bitrix is ​​for you, as it allows you to keep track of your junior agents to make sure they serve their clients well.

Bitrix24 is a team collaboration and communication platform that offers, among many things, a CRM that can easily be turned into the real estate space.

This free Real Estate CRM gives you a platform to make sure your team is working properly. In the free plan, up to 12 users can access almost the entire platform. The only limitation is really online storage space.

“In the free plan, users get up to 5GB of storage on Bitrix24 server.”

Teams often have to use two different systems to manage customers and to manage each other, but Bitrix24 has solved this problem by overlaying the two, making it easier to communicate and make decisions about customers. When internal and external systems are configured in the same framework, you can decide on a strategy for a particular contact and assign them to a team member without even leaving the browser window.

A CRM software for real estate that is not exactly cheap.

Propertybase has recently been named as one of the best Real Estate CRMs, there are not many products that can stand up to the platform that Propertybase has built. Starting at $89 per month, Propertybase isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but in my opinion, it’s definitely the best. It offers a full-featured two-week free trial with no obligation or credit card required.

WordPress plugin. A Free Real Estate CRM.

The main objective of this WordPress plugin is to be able to have simple user management on your real estate website. You will be able to easily create new contact forms and keep track of all the messages sent through that form.

With this plugin you will be able to use custom attributes to have a better organization of your clients or contacts, being able to use a search engine with filters to facilitate the search for any client, buyer, seller and use the best real estate sales techniques.

Another interesting CRM is Efficy .  Its CRM solutions are the most flexible on the market. They are open and customizable, which means that you can make significant changes to the different modules that make up the software package. To help you with these configurations and customizations, our teams of experts are at your service.

They adapt their CRM solution to your real estate business, its processes, its teams, events, projects, its sales structure, its customer service and its help desk system , etc. Come on, they are more flexible than a bamboo stick.

Their solutions offer everything you need to work efficiently, analyze your data and achieve your goals. Its modular offer is perfectly scalable thanks to the large number of features it offers . Your custom developments are updated for free and for life with each new version.

To complete this article, let’s talk about Inmogesco’s CRM . A real estate software that I have seen how it improves every day. It is designed not to complicate the daily tasks of the real estate agent, without thousands of menus and submenus. Thus the agent is more productive.

Thanks to this real estate management CRM you can keep track of your clients, their tastes and needs, forget about paper and having thousands of filing cabinets. On the other hand, Inmogesco takes the security of all your clients’ data very seriously, which will be much safer on their servers than on your personal computer.

I recommend you to try this CRM; since Inmogesco offers you 1 month of free access with support included to learn how to use it.

Inmogesco is a digital marketing agency that has been providing excellent service to independent agents and real estate agencies. These people know what they are doing, they know well the needs of the real estate sector and with this CRM they prove it once again.

| The Best Real Estate CRM is the one that provides these Benefits.

If you are looking for the Best Real Estate CRM for your agency, be it free or paid, remember that it must provide these tangible benefits. If it does not meet them, discard it immediately, because it is a waste of time and money.

1. Customer Data, Management and Classification. A CRM is basically a searchable and storeable database of customer information and relevant documents (for example, sales proposals and contracts).

2. Tracking Interactions with Customers and Service Providers. These systems document conversations over the phone, in person, via chat, email, or other channels. Some solutions can also track interactions on major social networks.

3. Automated Workflows. This is the standardization of business processes, usually through a combination of task lists, calendars, alerts, and templates.

4. Data Analysis, Reports. All this information is useful to make forecasts and have a complete picture of the real situation of the real estate agency.

I hope all this information has been helpful to you . Invest a little time in getting to know some of them and you will see that they give you more benefits than some paid real estate CRMs .

I would appreciate it if you would leave us a comment on this article. Do you think Real Estate CRMs are too complicated to use? Your opinion interests us. Thanks.


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